Mexican Food Research and Development - Consulting services 30 minutes slot Servicio de consultoria 30 minutos sobre Desarrollo de Productos Alimenticios Mexicanos

Ask the Mexican food expert

Are you interested in producing and selling food within the European Union or in your city? Would you like to import food or ingredients into the UK or European Union? Or need to increase the shelf life of your products or recipes? Problems in sourcing ingredients? Are you an entrepreneur setting up a new food business, new tapas bar, new supper club, new catering service, new bar, new pub, new deli, new retail shop, new franchise, new Mexican restaurant or new mobile catering business? Are you looking for a new menu or a new food product development?

Do you know the dangerous risks and damaging effects that you and your business could face, as a foreign provider, European distributor/importer, European company director, if you are involved in anti-competitive behaviour with some verbal or written country-exclusive distribution agreements?

For starting your food business, please check inside the video "5 Steps to starting a business" or our "cases".

Our new food consultancy services for entrepreneurs based in Europe can help you to start up your food business anywhere in Europe and avoid mistakes that sometimes are very costly. In our Mexican food consultancy, our food consultant have experience in business and technology strategy, food product development, food additives and preservatives, packaging, marketing, food safety, European regulations, business planning, Mexican food consultancy, promotion and food production and equipment. Please feel free to check our "linkedin" for examples.

Our food consultant will answer your questions or doubts about the food sector during 30 minutes. Please send us your preference of date and time for talking and your description of needs by adding comments in the checkout section before paying with paypal or electronic transfer. After receiving your payment we will confirm the date and time to talk by skype, MSN or collaborative software (if we need to share or show documents, videos or additional material).

Note: Some restrictions might apply to requests of food products advice similar to our BritMex products. Our preference is to help you in developing and selling food products we don't produce. Fortunately, ethnic food offers more than a thousands of new options to explore.

Intelectual Property of all formulae is owned by and we will happy to discuss any licensing agreement for outsourcing production to other manufacturing premises.

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