Mexican factory and industrial food products

This Mexican factory contacted us because they were interested in expanding sales (exportar) of an industrial food product to the UK. The factory had exported to the United States of America but they wanted to diversify their customers portafolio and explore the highly lucrative European market. The product presented high technical specifications and it was not new to the European market, however, the seasonal characteristics of production of competitors made this Mexican product attractive to potential customers. We performed a market prospection in different supermarket chains.

First, our Mexican customer contracted one slot of 30 minutes of our service Providing me with Plan of activities and Outcomes before technical consultancy (before contracting other consultancy services) so we prepared and sent by email a plan of activities, timing and budget (29 slots of 30 minutes), which the company agreed. The customer sent us 5 kg of samples of the different products. After, the customer contracted their first 10 slots, and then 15 slots, so we contacted and visited in 3 days the 5 biggest supermarket chains in the UK and explored their interest in using this industrial food product into their current retail products offering. Also, we supplied them with well presented samples, clarified technical questions by telephone and email, presented the Mexican company sales proposal including prices, production and supply schedule, and discussed export/import logistics. Finally, we followed up until supermarkets placed their first orders.

The Mexican company also agreed, previous to the market prospection, to pay a commission on sales once the orders were paid by the supermarkets. The Mexican factory decided to name their UK agent by paying a sales commission and in order to provide additional technical and business support on the following orders, including competitors price monitoring.

Advisory time: 29 hrs