Mexican exporter and long shelf life organic products

This Mexican company contacted us because they were interested in expanding sales (exportar) of a high quality organic product to the UK with 6 months shelf life. The product presented high technical specifications and it was new to the European market, however, the technology for making this product was not relatively new but expensive. We performed a market prospection in different sales channels, organoleptic and sensory market test, and pricing strategy.

First, our Mexican customer contracted one slot of 30 minutes of our service Providing me with Plan of activities and Outcomes before technical consultancy (before contracting other consultancy services) so we prepared and sent by email a plan of activities, timing and budget (29 slots of 30 minutes), which the company agreed. The customer sent us 5 kg of samples of the different products and presentations. Then, we contacted and visited 2 potential top retail chains in London and explored their interest in introducing this premium product into their current offering. Also, we supplied them with samples and made demonstrations how the product could be used by home consumers. Additionally, we provided samples to 3 catering organisations for exploring their interest in this new product. Finally, we elaborated a price analysis and supply chain analysis of competitors products.

We also directed our customer to apply for funding in Mexico:

Advisory time: 15 hrs