Mexican entrepreneur and Mexican bakery products

After taking many interesting courses in preparing bread in different artisan bakeries, and with working experience in the food industry in areas of quality, and in the process of receiving training to obtain a Food Safety certification, our friend decides to start-up from Nottingham with the idea of selling Pan de muerto from home and sending it by post to customers outside Nottingham. However, difficulties arise when promoting and selling this delicious ethnic bread. Initially it was offered on facebook but the process of making this artisan hand-made bread involved long hours and little time was left for promoting it beyond a circle of friends. Sales started to look promising as customers enquired about the product, price and delivery time and placed 2 orders but challenges appeared when some customers didn't receive their orders because logistic problems with the mailpost provider.

A bit demoralized because the venture was not as easy as it looked, we decided to contact this entrepreneur and provide some help in product development, production and preservation techniques, ingredients and packaging sourcing, basic business and legal requirements for start-ups, pricing, promotion and sale on the Internet and facebook, logistics, and recently we offered strategic advice on the identification of a selection of products on high demand that will be offered to the Mexican community in the UK and Europe. As a result, during the first month of receving advice and using our marketplace platform, this entrepreneur has steadily increased sales by 725% and with the assurance that products are properly produced with standards according to the regulatory bodies of Food and Safety, and promoted and delivered to enthusiastic consumers and lovers of Mexican sweet bread. Also, the following business steps are envisaged.

Advisory time: 7 hrs