Frequently Asked Questions


If you missed to write down our bank details during the checkout and would like to make your order payment using an electronic bank transfer, please use the following details:

PAYING BY:Bank Transfer - BACS - Internet banking - International bank transfer
TO: A A Macias Diaz BritMex
REASON FOR PAYMENT: Your order number. For example: Order 1381.
This reference number help us to identify your payment easily as we receive a lot of order payments through bank transfer.

Banking institution: Bank of Scotland – Halifax
Account number: 00138578
Sort code: 800955

Requesting new products

Not at the moment. But you will find them in our shop in a near future.

At the moment we don't sell comales but we might consider it in our next import order.

In the meantime, if you intend to make home-made tortillas, a big flat pan might do the work as a comal.

Inviting friends

After exchanging points for credtis, you can use your credits on any purchase with us, and you redeem it on the payment page. If your credit is worth more than the cost of the purchase because you have been recommending lots of friends, then whatever is left over can be redeemed on your next purchase, unless it has expired. So be sure to tick the box to use your credit when you checkout.

You can exchange point for credits. Your credit is valid for a whole two months. Keep this in mind!

Your friend needs to create an account for the first time and have purchased their first deal or product within 72 hours of the referral (link that you send him/her). Your reward will appear as "delayed": if after seven days the deal or product they bought has not been cancelled or withdrawn, and your friend’s payment went through successfully, we will add points to your account, and then after exchanging them for credit, your next purchase will cost less!

There are many opportunities to recommend a friend to On My account you can find your personal reference link, which you can post anywhere on the internet to get people to join up. We reserve the right to refuse or withdraw credit when the recommendation function is being abused.

The chance of a Food-On-Demand® deal having enough participants increases with every new user that joins Therefore you should invite as many of your friends as possible, so that you have the greatest chance of getting your favourite deal! If you already have an account with us every time someone you have recommended buys their first order or deal, we will reward you with points and therefore with our free products!