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Our expertise of more than 25 years in the Mexican and Latin American food industry in areas of Food Research and Development, Marketing, Business, Technology Strategy, Technology Innovation, Intellectual Property, Logistics, Legislation, Production, Hygiene and Best Manufacturing Practices, Packaging and Startups, allow us to provide our customers with a one-stop shop of advice when starting food business ideas or catering business ideas. Our experts have worked in multinationals including Danone, Salvesen Logistics, and Heineken-Cuahutemoc Moctezuma, and in micro, small and medium companies processing fresh fruit juices, Mexican and British bakery production, milk candy artisans, street food and stews catering, concentrated juice trading, chili sauces, fish and seafood research and development, or cheese making amongst other food sectors.

We have developed a range of Latin American food products and this Intelectual Property is owned by We will be delighted to discuss any IP licensing agreement for commercial exploitation and food production in other manufacturing premises under our brand.

The following cases are recent examples of advice we have provided with this vast experience. Please feel free to contact us by telephone if you have any business idea to explore, enquiry or place your order for advice at the bottom of this page. You will find FREE and paid consultancy services and advice.


Food service and catering cases

Customised Mexican cooking lessons: Mexican fast food menu for successful Hamburguer home delivery kitchen

New European Franchise and Mexican tomatillos

Mexican restaurant and new menue

Famous British Chef and new dish

British Street Market Trader and Mexican hot drinks

Mexican entrepreneur and mobile street kitchen

Manufacturing, Research and Innovation cases

British Food Manufacturer and Mexican stew sauce

British entrepreneur and Mexican dips

Updating cheese labelling of Mexican dairy

Mexican entrepreneur and Mexican bakery products

Importing, Exporting and intra-European commerce cases

Mexican factory and industrial food products

Restaurant cost optimization and changes in currency exchange rates

European manufacturer and introduction of Mexican meat products into the British market

Mexican exporter and long shelf life organic products

Spanish importer and Fresh products

Mexican entrepreneur and premium fresh healthy product

If your case has any similarity with the cases we described above and would like to know more about our consulting services, please look at the following options:

I have a food business already and need help in selling my products, events or dishes online

Would you like to sell your products or services in your city, country or Europe using our marketplace platform?

Please contact us by facebook BritMex to let you know how you can manage your store in

Currently we are looking for Mexican food producers, Mexican restaurants or chef entrepreneurs (regional or family recipe dishes, candies and sweeties, cold and hot drinks, sweet bread, corn products and tortillas, sauces and pastes, desserts and puddings, preserves, and meat products) in any European countries. We will ask you regards your professional qualifications, degrees, studies or certificates in Food Safety or Hygiene. And if you don't have any, we will advice you on how you can get them.

I have a food business idea or a catering business idea and need help in starting up

Consulting services

Are you interested in producing and selling food within the European Union or in your city? Would you like to import food products or ingredients into the UK or European Union? Or need to increase the shelf life of your products or recipes? Problems in sourcing ingredients? Are you an Mexican entrepreneur setting up a new food business? Thinking about Mexican restaurants as a new business opportunity?

Our new consulting services to entrepreneurs based in Europe can help you to start up your food business anywhere in Europe and avoid mistakes that sometimes are very costly and time consuming. We have experience in business and technology strategy, product development, food additives and preservatives, packaging, marketing, food safety, European regulations, promotion and food production.

The process to use this service is as follows:

1.Create your account in our website.

2.Place the consulting services product into your basket.

3.Select the number of half hours slots (30 minutes) you would like to use.

4.In the checkout section include under comments the description of your business, questions you would like us to answer regards your food product, or needs/questions/doubts you have. Also include the date and time you would like to be contacted by skype, MSN or collaborative software. We offer this service only under request by skype "", MSN, or collaborative software to show documents/power point presentations.

5.Make the payment by paypal or bank transfer.

6.We will confirm the time and date you suggested by sending you an email.

7.On the time and date of our meeting we will login into Skype, MSN, or collaborative software with 5 minutes in advance. If you are connected already, we will send you a chat message to let you know in how many minutes our meeting will start. Also the maximum time we will wait will be 15 minutes in case you haven't arrived yet. We do not offer reimbursement for cancelations or arriving late to our meeting or technical issues due lack of experience in using skype, MSN or collaborative software or deficient broadband capacity from your connection point (please avoid using wireless connection as the sound emission/reception could deliver bad quality). We use landline high capacity broadband for deliverying distance learning training therefore we are enable to use skype, MSN and collaborative software with an excellent sound quality. We use only sound and not video. Remember that you are paying for a defined slot of time with a specific limit for starting and ending. It is under your responsibility to arrive on time and know how to use the software for delivery of consulting services if you want to make full use of the consulting services time you have contracted. We are very strict on this aspect as we might have other immediate appointments following the meeting we have with you. It is under our discretion to continue our meeting 5 minutes more beyond the end of your slot time in case we consider necesary and if we don't have immediate appointments with other customer.

8.We might ask you more details of your needs in case your description of needs is not very clear when you requested the consulting service. Therefore is very important that you provide a good description beforehand our meeting so we can focus on answering your questions instead of asking you for more details of your business or needs during consulting time. Remember that if you have new questions you can raise them during our consulting time. We will try to answer them as clear as possible within the time limit. In case we consider that further time is needed to answer your new questions, we will let you know so you can contract additional time in another date.

Things to do before the "food startup advice" or "catering business ideas" consultancy service meeting

Please verify and test in advance before our meeting that your microphone and speakers are working properly. Check that you are connected from a landline point and not wireless. We cannot provide advice on technical matters related to software or hardware used during the session. We expect you have a good quality broadband connection and that you know how to use skype and MSN. In case we use our collaborative software to share or show documents, we will provide you with a self-learning quick tutorial before our meeting, so you can practice and learn how to use some of the features we will need with enough time before starting our meeting.

How the consulting service meeting is organised?

We will startup describing your problem (for example, your food business idea or catering business ideas )as we understand it according to the description you provided us in advance. Also, you can contract the service for providing you with a plan of activities, timing and budget of future activities needed. Please let us know if you require us to sign a confidentiality agreement if you would like us to see your recipes. production process or formulae.

After your confirmation that our understanding of your needs and/or plan of activities is correct, then we will proceed to clarify or answer your main question and subquestions. Also we might add additional information we consider is relevant for you either explaining it or showing power point slides or documents (if we are using our collaborative software). Also we might add additional information into the chat or during our visit to your premises if we consider necessary to clarify details.

During our session we will ask you to confirm that our explanation is clear and you understand the information we are providing you. In case there are doubts, we will provide and explain further examples and clarify your specific doubts within the time limit of your slot. In case more time is needed to clarify further specific question, we will advise you to contract another slot for a different date. Unfortunately because each case is different we cannot advise on the time you will need for receiving the information you need, however, the plan of activities give us a closer approximation. A good starting point is purchasing 30 minutes and try our services, for example "Providing me with Plan of activities and Outcomes before technical consultancy (before contracting other consultancy services)". If you consider our consulting service is relevant and is within your budget, then you can buy additional time so we can complete the plan of activities.

Mexican Food Research and Development - Consulting services 30 minutes slot Servicio de consultoria 30 minutos sobre Desarrollo de Productos Alimenticios Mexicanos

Ask the Mexican food expert

Are you interested in producing and selling food within the European Union or in your city? Would you like to import food or ingredients into the UK or European Union? Or need to increase the shelf life of your products or recipes? Problems in sourcing ingredients? Are you an entrepreneur setting up a new food business, new tapas bar, new supper club, new catering service, new bar, new pub, new deli, new retail shop, new franchise, new Mexican restaurant or new mobile catering business? Are you looking for a new menu or a new food product development?

Do you know the dangerous risks and damaging effects that you and your business could face, as a foreign provider, European distributor/importer, European company director, if you are involved in anti-competitive behaviour with some verbal or written country-exclusive distribution agreements?