In BritMex.com you can earn points that can be used to pay for purchases or exchanged for special products.

You can do any of the following tasks for earning points by using our website features:

-Register as user.
-Invite a friend to visit BritMex.com by using the Invite a friend tab.
-Send your personal referral link from My Account to your friends (you earn points when they register as user of BritMex.co.uk and so your referrals).
-Create and share your recipes.
-Promote your recipes with a widget in order to receive votes that earn you points.
-Purchase products from BritMex.com earns you credits.

Points are converted into credits in special occasions advertised by BritMex.co.uk

In addition you can save money in your purchases by paying with credits. You can see the product price equivalent in credits under "Pay with credits in checkout:". The price in credits is smaller than the normal sell price in sterling pounds and in addition you earn credits for each product you purchase.

Exchange rate between sterling pounds and credits is : £1 = 100 credits.

You can Get the lowest price by buying 10000 Credits if haven't earn enought points yet or want to save money in your purchase.

Remember, if your order is more than £50, delivery is free in the United Kingdom mainland. Free delivery takes 2 days in reaching your home.