Customised Mexican cooking lessons: Adding a Mexican fast food menu to production kitchen of Burguer Home delivery

Our German-Chinese customer wanted to improve and give a real Mexican flavour to a pre-defined Mexican fast food menu offered as part of a successful Burguer menu of their Home delivery services. The customer asked us to use the same ingredients or a new few Mexican ingredients. Initially, the customer provided the steps of the production process and we assessed process and ingredients of each dish in the current Burguer and Mexican fast food menu, then we identified ingredients that could be re-used in the pre-defined Mexican fast food menu. After, we provided a list of potential changes on the pre-defined Mexican fast food menu to give it a Mexican flavour and according to the ingredients available already and a few new ones. This list included varied marinates, herbs, chili powders, and pastes for vegetarian and meat stews, and also easily-to-prepare Mexican snacks and sauces. We also provided some changes in the way ingredients were sourced for the three Mexican fast food recipes and in order to increase efficiency in dish production.

As a result the home delivery kitchen increased customers, improved costs through production efficiency, and provided a unique offering of Mexican fast food that increased their popularity amongst the London communities.

Advisory time: 4 hrs