British Street Market Trader and Mexican hot drinks

During Christmas season hot drinks are in high demand. This British Market Trader decided to prepare and sell a delicious corn-based Mexican hot drink including chocolate and chili. He was planning his sales around different markets in the UK. We noticed from our previous tasting analysis of this drink with British consumers, that chili is not welcomed as part of a drink, even though in some regions of Mexico is drunk since Mayan times. Instead we noticed that other flavours would be accepted easily. We advised our customer to avoid preparing all drinks with chili and instead offer a different range of flavours during the first days. After a few days he would be able to decide which flavour was preferred by his consumers. Therefore reducing the risk of ending with a lot chili-flavour drinks not sold.

As the customer wanted to purchase a big amount of ingredients, we also advised him on how to keep them in good conditions for sale. In addition, we offered him a special packaging size that maximized and protected his stock and also provided tips on how to increase the shelf life. So in case he was left with some ingredients, then he would be able to sell his drink during January as well.

Advisory time: 30 mins