British Food Manufacturer and Mexican stew sauce

A food manufacturer (food factory) needed to develop a new recipe of ready-meal stew using Mexican ingredients but with a British touch. Their customer was one of the biggest supermarket chains in the United Kingdom. They requested the usage of a traditional Mexican sauce, however, their knowledge of it was minimum and based on one retail brand. We provided clarification on the different types of traditional Mexican stew sauces that could be used in their recipe according to the type of vegetable or meat they intended to use, either mushrooms, courgette, potatoe, chicken, pork, beef, buffalo, pheasant, turkey, rabbit or fish. Additionally, we explained the different organoleptic and microbiological variations they could find according to their desired final product, including texture, density, sweetnees and pH. Also, as we have experience as wholesaler and importer, we provided advise on different brands of foodservice and wholesale ingredients, their logistics schedule, and prices by pallets and tube or catering size presentation. Finally, we sold a small quantity of each foodservice brand so they could start adjusting their formulae.

As a result they defined their production budget, formulae, prepare samples and were able to send the proposal to the supermarket chain in a short time.

Advisory time: 3 hrs