British entrepreneur and Mexican dips

This experienced entrepreneur in producing food in big quantities contacted us for helping in finding providers of ingredients for a Mexican new dip food product to be sold in a big national supermarket chain. The initial selection of ingredients provided as a reference by the entrepreneur didn't match with the descriptions that were considered for the labels of a food product sold as with real Mexican flavour. The reason was because one of the ingredients had Brazilian origin. Moreover, other of the reference ingredients didn't have a truly Mexican flavour as it was a TexMex product. We pointed out these mismatches and the entrepreneur decided to use advise we provided for using real Mexican ingredients. Additionally, the special characteristics of the ingredients and shelf life of the product were considered and as a result the entrepreneur explored the option of BritMex producing the ingredients fit for this new product and considering that the entrepreneur requires flexibility in production. Initially ingredient orders will be small but with the prospect of increasing in bigger quantities. We also provided a list of potential producers of certain ingredients in case demands for the dip starts to kick in rapidly.

Advisory time: 5 hrs