Are you interested in selling your products in Europe using We are looking for local or foreign providers of ingredients, food products and home-made regional delicacies from Mexico & Latinamerica. Small or large quantities.(Hablamos español)

If you use skype, tango, chat, video conference, facebook, messenger systems, whatsapp, etc, please provide us with your username or nickname.

Remember that the Freedom of movement of goods aims to offer European consumers with the best product in price and quality. Please let us know if you are informed clearly about the dangerous risks and heavy penalties that a provider of goods (foreign manufacturer, and director of European/British distribution companies) could face by showing anti-competitive behaviour within the European Union. Select YES if you are not fully aware of European competition law matters and would like to receive more information to assess your current situation.

Please let us know if you would like to promote more products of your company in We will send you a template in an excel file to the email you included in this form, so you find easy to provide us with the necessary information of any additional products.